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Spotify downloader can download any spotify song to mp3. If you are a spotify fan & looking for a spotify downloader tool then you are at right place. There are many spotify downloader tools are available which you can use to download your favorite song to mp3 format. In this post, we will discuss different ways to get spotify downloader for free. Any music lover who wants to save & download their favorite song in mp3 for free then you should read this article completely. So let’s see what’s the best spotify downloader available on Internet for free.

spotify downloader

You can easily sign up on spotify using your facebook or email address and it doesn’t take more than a minute. Spotify offers two plans for its users one is completely free and the other one is premium plan. As the premium plan sounds like a paid plan where you have to spend $9.99 month for getting extra features like ad free, unlimited skips, save them offline, high quality upto 320 kbps. But getting a premium plan doesn’t mean that you can download them in your local storage it will goes offline only in your spotify account, not in your default music player. So here we need a spotify downloader to do that work for us.

Spotify Downloader: Free Spotify Playlist Downloader

AllToMp3 is completely free of cost and can act as spotify downloader. This software is so powerful that you can use this to download nearly every spotify song. AllToMp3 is not only a spotify downloader but you can also use this to download soundcloud & youtube songs as well. AllToMp3 is available for Windows, Mac & Linux which is great because most of us using one of these operating systems. It is also a spotify playlist downloader you just need to enter the playlist url. Private playlists can not be downloaded with this software so please make sure your playlist is set to public.

1) First of all, go to the official site of AllToMp3 using the below button. This is completely a free spotify downloader software which means now you don’t need to spend a single dollar from your pocket on other paid software.

Download Page

2) This software is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Download & install it according to your operating system which is not a complicated process to worry about.

3) After completing the above steps open AllToMp3. Here the interface is something like this which is shown below in the screenshot.

4) You can see a search box in the top section. Here you need to paste the link of spotify song which you want to download.

5) The same process is for playlists just paste the link of spotify playlist which you want to download. This software won’t be able to fetch the result if it’s not publicly visible.

6) Now press the enter button to continue the downloading process. It would take a while to convert spotify song to a downloadable format like mp3.

7) Now you will be able to download that spotify song or playlist.

Why only AllToMp3?

When you search on google spotify downloader or spotify playlist downloader you will see many results appeared on your screen. Most of them are paid software which costs you like above $30 and their work is similar to AllToMp3. So why to waste money on paid software when you can get them for free? It is the reason I’ve not included any paid software in this guide.

Any spotify downloader for Android & iOS:

We’ve discussed spotify downloader only for windows, mac & linux. Many of you must be a mobile user & we can’t carry PC everywhere so it would be good if there is a spotify downloader for android & ios as well. In this case you can use Fildo application which is a great & powerful free spotify downloader for mobile users. I’ve already posted a step by step article about this application please read it here.

Does spotify downloader software actually work?

Spotify platform hosting all the songs after taking copyright holder permission and also give royalties to them. It would be unfair for an artist if every people can download their song & listen for free because in this case, they won’t get any royalty. Spotify charges subscription cost for premium version & to use the free version you will have to go through ads which is very annoying. But it’s the only way which generates revenue for them & they are able to run their business. So they have all songs in the encrypted format which can only be played using spotify application. Encryption is done to minimize the risk of piracy but still, it can be done using spotify downloader software. These software can’t actually break their encryption but they search the title of the song on the internet. Most of the software take the help of youtube to search the song & download them in mp3 format. Some software records the streaming music & save them for offline use.

Why use spotify downloader?

You all know when we can stream music on spotify & we can also save them for offline use then why we need spotify downloader. There can be many reasons to use a spotify downloader, for example, spotify never let you share the music using bluetooth but mp3 format is shareable, spotify charge a subscription cost for restriction-free streaming but spotify downloader is completely free, spotify free version is ad-supported but here you don’t get any ads, you don’t need internet connection to enjoy your favorite music. There are just some examples & there can be some other reasons depending upon people’s preference.

Spotify downloader is legal?

Using a spotify downloader software you are violating piracy rules so it’s not legal. As I said spotify holds all the rights of the music which is hosted on their platform. When you use any spotify downloader or spotify playlist downloader you don’t pay anything to the company or the artist of that music. If you are a student or unemployed & can’t pay their subscription fees you can use this spotify downloader but when you have money for a subscription then please consider it.

Final Words:

So guys it was all about spotify downloader & spotify playlist downloader. I hope after reading this article you can easily download any spotify song to mp3 format. Other than AllToMp3 you will find many spotify downloader but I won’t recommend them because they do the same work after charging some fees. AllToMp3 is lifetime free so use this software & download unlimited songs for free.

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